MUTE Design lab. portrate

MUTE Design lab.デザイナー

A little about me

MUTE Design lab. portrate

2001年 グラフィックデザイナー

雑貨ブランド MUTE Design Lab.スタート エプロン、トートバッグ、ブックカバー、ハンカチ、コースター他、多数のアイテムを販売。
デザインからシルクスクリーンプリント、縫製、販売まで自ら一貫して生産。 自然のモチーフをデフォルメしたビジュアルで多くの評価を頂戴しました。



北欧のテキスタイルブランド フィンレイソン200周年記念 Finlayson × FELISSIMO テキスタイルデザインコンペティション2,343作品の中からファイナリストに選出。

1972年生まれ ADHD



In 2005, we started a miscellaneous goods brand. We sold many items such as aprons, tote bags, book covers and handkerchief coasters. We have consistently produced ourselves from design to silk screen printing to sewing and sales. The visuals that deformed the motif of nature received many evaluations.
Since the number of stores handling it has increased in 2009, we have been producing and selling it on our website as a book cover specialty store. Available in a variety of sizes and designs, it was also used as a wedding gift. After that, the activity is suspended due to the birth of the partner.

We produce visuals centered on designs for both men and women.

In 2021, we participated in the 200th anniversary textile design competition of Finnish textile brand Finlayson.
Selected as a finalist from 2343.

Born in 1972.  Attention-Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder(ADHD)

Many of our motifs are natural.
The sounds of rain and cold are invisible to plants, flowers and plants.
Everything is our motif and makes us dream beautifully.
Nature changes steadily at a visible speed, and each one changes into a different shape.
It is important to transform nature, which is not always the same, into graphics.
We hope that creating colors and shapes based on our own feelings can bring healing to the human eye.